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The global interdisciplinary congress + expo apexINSPIRE offers a unique digital industry exchange for people working in the health and social services sector with business, politics and society and presents insights into continuing education, career opportunities and new innovations in therapy, nursing and education.

Visitors can listen to top-class speakers, learn about new products and services from our exhibitors and to network via speed friending. As a virtual congress apexINSPIRE visitors can access the latest industry information no matter where they are.

We are looking forward to an interactive exchange with speakers, students, teachers, politicians, social entrepreneurs, associations and all therapists, educators and nursing staff.

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Apex Social is a non-profit organization promoting cultural exchange and continuing education for educators, therapists and healthcare professionals in Europe, the United States & Australia

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March 30, 2022

09:00 a.m. - 07:00 p.m. CET

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Excellence Wins Leadership in Education and Healthcare

🇺🇸  Horst Schulze

🇺🇸 Horst Schulze

Co-Founder, The Ritz Carlton & Capella Hotel Group

Live aus den USA

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Design thinking - Project-based learning

🇺🇸  Ted Fujimoto

🇺🇸 Ted Fujimoto

Managing Director at EF International Advisors


Live aus Los Angeles, USA

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Special Olympics USA, Join us in Berlin 2023

🇺🇸  Brian Quinn

🇺🇸 Brian Quinn

Sr. Manager, Unified Champion Schools at Special Olympics North America

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The Expectations Gap: A neuro-development program for children with physical disabilities 🇺🇸

🇺🇸   Tanya Sheckley

🇺🇸 Tanya Sheckley

Founder & President
UP Academy in San Mateo, CA, USA


Live aus San Francisco, USA

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Pathways - UCLA College Experience for Students with Intellectual and other Developmental Disabilities

🇺🇸  Jessica Broutt

🇺🇸 Jessica Broutt

Acting Program Director
Pathway at UCLA Extension

Live aus Los Angeles, USA

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What is Project Based Learning ?
School That Works

🇺🇸  Steven Zipkes

🇺🇸 Steven Zipkes

Founder & President of Advanced Reasoning in Education & Founding Principal of Cedars International Next Generation High School

Live aus Austin, Texas

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Intensive Model of Therapy
An Interdisciplinary Approach

🇺🇸  Lisa Murphy

🇺🇸 Lisa Murphy

Global Director of Rehabilitation NAPA Center

Live aus Denver, Colorado

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Your Nursing Career Can Take You Anywhere

Bre Loughlin

Bre Loughlin

Founder & CEO Nurse Disrupted

Live aus den USA

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The First Behavioral Therapy Metaverse

Vijay Ravindran

Vijay Ravindran

CEO and Founder of Floreo

Live aus den USA

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Tiergestützte Therapie mit Delphinen - Das Apex Social Dolphin Therapy Praktikum am CDTC

Markus Mesing

Markus Mesing

Dolphin Therapy & Research Center

Live aus Curacao, Karibik

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Setting the gold standard in child care: using an individualized care approach

Amanda Narra

Amanda Narra

Clinical Director of Educational & Therapeutic Resources at Apex Social

Live aus Sarasota, FL

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